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Concrete pipes

Reimagining Concrete for a Cleaner Planet

Meeting at construction site

An affordable way to curb carbon emissions

Formula 16™  and TechCement™ are the scalable solutions that companies worldwide have sought for years - alternatives to traditional portland cement with lower CO2 emissions . Importantly, these solutions are sustainable without the expected "green premium", meeting the growing demand for cost-effective, eco-friendly products.

Coal Plant with Carbon Capture

Sequestering Carbon Dioxide
is Essential for the Future

CO2 is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, which trap heat in the atmosphere and lead to rising temperatures, sea level rise, and more frequent extreme weather events. Sequestering CO2 can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, slowing the pace of global warming and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Why Choose Us


Meaningful Emissions Reductions


Global Supplies are Abundant

Recycled & Recyclable

Upcycling & Full Cycled Products

Faster Set Times

Saves Time, Money & Manpower

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How We Can Work Together.

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