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Formula 16™

Next Generation Sulphur Polymer Cement 


Formula 16™ is the next generation of sulfur cement that is applicable for a wide range of construction projects. It can be a replacement cement/concrete in both the precast and ready-mix markets.

Unlike portland cement, Formula 16™ cement comes in a pelletized form, which is environmentally stable with a long shelf life.  To turn it into concrete, the product is melted and blended with aggregates based on the end-product strength requirements. In this regard, its casting is similar to the production of asphalt. OTBM provides the mixing equipment to accomplish this along with a certified training program.

Formula 16™ offers higher strength at early ages when compared to portland cement, which makes it suitable for precast or prestressed concrete In a precast application it can be demolded very quickly after casting, enabling more efficient and cost effective turn-around.

Another key features of Formula 16™ is its impermeability, which makes it resistant to scaling caused by freeze/thaw cycles. Unlike other materials, Formula 16™ is incapable of entraining liquids or gases, which ensures that it remains stable in even the most aggressive sulfate and acidic environments.   This benefit fits applications such as components in  storm drainage and sewage systems, but also for precast or ready-mix roadway pavement.

Formula 16™ meets or exceeds the physical requirements of ASTM C150 and AASHTO M85.

Concrete Rip Rap

Formula 16™ Benefits


High Early Strength

CO2 symbol
Recycle symbol

Recycled & Recyclable

Achieves full strength (up to 10,000 psi) in 24 hours


Every ton of Formula 16  created produces 95% less CO2 than concrete


Utilizes recycled concrete & asphalt as an aggregate and can be recycled and used as an aggregate itself


Accelerates Mold
Cycle Time

Faster cure times means more efficient mold cycle time

100% Reduction in Water Usage

Requires no water in production

High Resistance to Acid

Highly resistant to acid attack

Saltwater Icon

Salt Water Resistant

Formula 16 can withstand long term exposure

to salt water 

Impermeable Icon

Water & Vapor Impermeable

Both water and vapor impermeable

Use Cases

1 / Precast Concrete Production

Formula 16™ can be used in the production of an array of precast concrete products, such as pipe, sewer components, underground vaults, highway barriers and sea walls.  Its curing properties enable quick turn-around of molds ultimately providing better economics for the precaster. As a water and vapor barrier it is also suitable for use in water collection and treatment facilities.

2 /Marine Applications

Formula 16™ is highly resistant to saltwater and can be used in marine applications such as seawalls, docks, and wave abatement structures. 

3 / Roadway and Pavements

Formula 16™ can be used in the construction of roadways and pavements where its resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, water, and vapor impermeability, and high early strength development are essential. Formula 16's impermeability to liquids and gases makes it less susceptible to scaling from freeze/thaw cycles, making it an ideal material for harsh environments.

4 / High Sulfate and Acidic Environments

Formula 16™ can be used in concrete structures exposed to highly aggressive sulfate and acidic environments. Its high resistance to acids and impermeability to liquids and gases make it an ideal material for use in these environments.

5 / Encapsulation of Hazardous Waste

The technology behind Formula 16 was originally developed as a way to encapsulate toxic and hazardous waste materials, specifically mercury.  Data shows that Formula 16will bind these wastes in a water/acid resistant shell and limit leachability to the parts-per-billion level. Besides mercury, this would also include chromium, arsenic, lead and other forms of waste.


Formula 16

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